Jason's Journal

Words of Life – “Atonement” (Part 1)

“What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus!” If you’re like me, you’ve sung this refrain (and others like it) countless times. The idea that Jesus is our “atoning sacrifice” and that “there’s pow’r in the blood” to cleanse the soul from sin is a well-established motif in Christian teaching and art. Yet, the origins and deeper implications of these ideas beckon further exploration…

Jason's Journal

Words of Life – “Justification”

“Just as if I’d never sinned” – that’s the definition of “justified” many of us have come to know and repeat. It’s a simple explanation for a complex concept that can be difficult to articulate, but does it really capture the essence of the word? Is justification merely about getting a clean slate? Is it just God turning a blind eye to our sins? Let’s dig deeper and uncover the multifaceted meaning of Christian justification.