Jason's Journal

Words of Life – “Sanctification” (Part 2)

In our previous discussion, we began our study into the intricacies of God’s divine plan for sanctification— Today, we’ll continue our study by delving into how this relates to individual sanctification both in God’s initial declaration of our holiness as well as our ongoing progressive transformation to become more like Christ.

Jason's Journal

Words of Life – “Sanctification” (Part 1)

Last week, our discussion centered around the concept of holiness. In that study, we saw how God’s holiness is a quality of being set apart and totally incomparable to any other god or spirit in the heavenly realms. We then found that man’s holiness comes in two phases. We are initially declared holy by God independent of our merit or achievements and are subsequently called to pursue holiness in our conduct. That is, we embrace our identity as “Holy Ones” or “Saints” and devote ourselves to a holy way of living. Both the declaration of holiness and the process of becoming holy are described in scripture using the same word: Sanctification. At its core, sanctification is simply the process by which something (or someone) becomes holy. This week we’ll take a closer look at this process and how it relates to Justification and Salvation.