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The Dayspring Trio

Tradition harmonizes with innovation, as the Dayspring Trio takes the stage! Creating a sound that is both nostalgic and cutting-edge; their intricate vocal harmonies enriched by powerful melodies and spirit-filled lyrics produce an atmosphere that resonates with authenticity and spiritual depth.

Nestled in the heart of south west Georgia, The Dayspring Trio is comprised of the extraordinary talents and family harmony of brothers David and Michael Luten blended seamlessly with the vocal prowess of their long-time friend Jason Ross. A part-time ministry; the Dayspring Trio prioritizes active engagement with their families in the local church while sharing their gifted voices with the wider world on a bi-monthly basis. Whether it’s teaching Bible classes, preaching, or leading worship; the faith of these men is on full display both on and off the stage. Their commitment to living out the gospel they sing about adds a profound layer to their music, creating an experience that goes far beyond the notes and lyrics. With the Dayspring Trio, it’s not just a performance; it’s a way of life.

Meet the Guys...

David Luten

Tenor Vocals | Bookings | Public Relations

David is an accomplished tenor and solo vocalist residing in Americus, Ga with his beloved wife, Regan and their two children; Isabelle and Daniel. His vocal influences include Joseph Habedank, Gold City, Brian Free & Assurance, and the Kingdom Heirs.

Michael Luten

Lead Vocals | Vocal Arranging | Record Production

Michael is an extraordinary lead harmony vocalist and living in Americus, Georgia with his lovely wife, Allie and their son, Logan. Among his greatest musical influences are southern gospel favorites Gold City, Brian Free & Assurance, and Guy Penrod.

Jason Ross

Baritone Vocals | Graphic Design | Record Production

Jason lives in Americus, Georgia along side his adoring wife, Karen and their four children; Joseph, Jacob, Morgan, and Marian. He draws influence from artists such as Josh Groban, the Tenors, Bill Shivers, and Daniel Riley.

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