The Dayspring Trio has been delighting the ears of southern gospel music lovers since 2007. Their unique blend of traditional harmony with contemporary flare is one that can be appreciated by gospel music lovers both young and old. Having grown up singing together at church from a very early age; brothers David and Michael Luten and close friend Jason Ross have a chemistry and blend characteristic of groups that have been around much longer.

They began their journey together attending services at the Williams Road Church of Christ in Americus, GA. The acappella music tradition they were immersed in there cultivated a love for vocal harmony and gospel melodies that has stuck with them through the years. In 1999, the trio was approached by their youth leader to prepare a Doo-Wop style quartet for a Valentine’s banquet that the youth were holding in honor of the church’s senior adults. This event was the spark that lead to the forming of an acappella quintet called “Dayspring” which included the current trio. Dayspring traveled to various churches in southern Georgia singing a blend of secular and Christian themed acappella arrangements and could often be heard on Sunday nights from their corner booth at the local Burger King. They did all of this before the oldest member of the group was 16 years old. The quintet continued to sing throughout the area until the Fall of 2002 when Jason left Americus to attend college at Faulkner University in Montgomery, AL. During this time, Jason and Michael were beginning to take an interest in audio engineering. Though now living in different states, the pair began work on what would become their first CD, entitled T.M.Q. which stood for Two Man Quartet (a joking reference to a local news article that once described Dayspring as a “five man quartet.”)

In 2005, David joined a southern gospel quartet out of Jacksonville, FL called “New Gathering.” When a lead position opened up in the group later that same year, David contacted his brother, Michael, who also joined the group until it disbanded in 2006. Shortly after this, David and Michael began singing with the Once Forgiven Quartet out of Avon Park, FL. The brothers continued to sing throughout Florida until 2007, when David approached Michael and Jason about re-forming their own group; Dayspring. Jason, who had just graduated from Middle Tennessee State University a year earlier where he studied record industry production and technology, was eager to put his education to work and gladly reunited with the Lutens to form the Dayspring Trio. With only three voices, however, they decided this new Dayspring would not be able to return to the acappella style that had given them their start. They decided to instead pursue the southern gospel sound that David and Michael had grown to love during their time in Florida.

Today, all three men are proud husbands and fathers and are active in their home churches. For this reason, the Dayspring Trio travels only two weekends per month singing in churches large and small. They rely on the generous donations of their listeners to support their ministry. Their CD’s (which are all produced by Jason and Michael) are given away free of charge on a donation basis. The Dayspring Trio would love the opportunity to worship with you and your congregation. If you are interested in booking the Dayspring Trio to sing at your church, please click the “Book Now” button at the top of the page. Thank you and may the Lord bless you and keep you!